Hi! Welcome to our computing community's cozy corner of the internet!

Stuff we do

Build a better world

We contribute to many free and open-source projects, including Arch Linux, KDE Frameworks, Gitea, Forgejo, ForgeFed, Woodpecker CI, QubesOS, Nimskull, DVUI, Space Station 14, Fish and more. We also maintain many AUR packages.

Code cool software

Check out our community websites for interesting projects that our members have been up to. We also wrote our own status page.

Hack everything

We do lots of fun stuff. Like installing every Arch Linux package, because why not?

Learn new things

Have you ever wondered about how to intentionally make Python segfault, approximately multiply matrices in quadratic time, or resize a live root filesystem? We enjoy learning new things, whether it's computer science, programming, math, or even just frivolous fun facts.

Discuss with the community

Our community mostly hangs out on Matrix. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Our server

We have a server located in St. Louis in the United States that hosts a lot of our projects. It's pretty nice: a 24-thread AMD Ryzen 9 5900X proccessor, an AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT graphics card, 32 GB of RAM, and gigabit internet. Arch Linux is a terrible operating system for servers, but we use it anyways and update monthly.

A photograph of the server

If you've wondering about the origin of the name exozyme, it's just an invented word that sounds cool and contains everyone's favorite math variables x, y, and z! Note that it's "exozyme", not "exozy". Pronouce it however you like.

You can find this website's source code (CC BY-SA 4.0 license) here.