exodesk exodesk: Access your exozyme desktop from anywhere, powered by xrdp and Apache Guacamole, or use any RDP client

exocloud exocloud: Powerful collaboration and productivity suite, powered by Nextcloud

exochat exochat: Chat with your friends on Matrix and other networks, powered by Synapse

exogit exogit: Host your programming projects and collaborate with others on our Forgejo

exocial exocial: Join Mastodon and explore the best community-owned social media network

exotube exotube: Upload, stream, and watch great videos on our PeerTube, a community-owned video platform

exohub exohub: Harness our computational power from your browser with JupyterHub and its integrated code-server editor

exoportal exoportal: Manage containers and virtual machines with the Cockpit web interface

exoci exoci: Unlimited Woodpecker continuous integration builds for all your exogit projects

exopages exopages: Easily host websites, with unlimited subdomains and custom domains, powered by nginx

If you would like to use OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, Redis, PHP-FPM, or Tomcat, just ask on Matrix.

Community-made websites

exofeeds: A collection of exozy.me members' blogs and their RSS feeds in one place

exoring: This is a web ring

exozine: A monthly magazine about all the cool stuff that our exozyme community has been doing

Fortune of the Day: A new funny quote every day!

exobin: The super secret exozyme pastebin

Killed by exozyme: A parody of Killed by Google

exolinux: A complicated, bloated Linux distribution

Recursion: Recursion

karawale.in: Pranav Karawale's personal website

Unicode Visualizer: Almost all of Unicode on one page (may crash your browser)

nvpie.exozy.me: NeoVoid's site

Cinny: Yet another matrix client

Some Random Website: (+ (This subdomain) (Ordinal n) (! off) (Element 39) (Wide area network) (Prefix for billion))

69!=: Cursed self-modifying JavaScript

exozyme library: Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a Calibre database

exocialism: Not to be confused with exocial


April Gools: 2023 exozyme April Fools' Day joke

vnpower.exozy.me: VnPower's personal website

2kwatts.exozy.me: 2kwatts's personal website

codedotjs.exozy.me: codedotjs's personal website

SafeTwitch: A privacy respecting frontend for twitch.tv

Weblate: Web-based continuous localization

PixivFE: A privacy respecting frontend for Pixiv

r.exozy.me: A mystery!

Diagonal Scroll: CSS abuse

flexozyme: CSS abuse part 2

reposearch: Search git repos across multiple sites

exozyme status: A status page in Go

CyberChef: The Cyber Swiss Army Knife

cloudyy.exozy.me: Cloudyy's personal website

Twineo: Alternative front-end to Twitch

peaksol.exozy.me: Peaksol's personal website

pendulum.exozy.me: CSS abuse part 3