Personal websites

Some Random Website a's website
spicecat club spicecat's website
Home ⸬ ADAT abheekd's website
2KWaTTs megawatts's website
Ytrizja Main Server fogti's website
Ersei 'n Stuff ersei's website
Arya | Main aryak's website
1A Insecure Network iacore's website
Pranav Karawale pranav's website
Neo Void nvpie's website
xtex's Home xtex's website
欢迎访问PEAKSOL的万维网主页 peaksol's website
VnPower vnpower's website
0xMRTT 0xmrtt's website
dragongoose! dragongoose's website
Cloudyy - Home cloudyy's website
caodoc caodoc's website
Daudix daudix's website
x37 x's website


exofeeds A collection of exozyme members' blogs and their RSS feeds in one place
exoring This is a web ring
exozine The monthly exozyme magazine
Fortune of the Day A new funny quote every day!
exolinux A complicated, bloated Linux distribution
Recursion Recursion
Unicode Visualizer Almost all of Unicode on one page (may crash your browser)
69!= Cursed self-modifying JavaScript
April Gools 2023 April Fools' Day joke
SafeTwitch A privacy respecting frontend for twitch.tv
PixivFE A privacy respecting frontend for Pixiv
Diagonal Scroll CSS abuse
flexozyme CSS abuse part 2
reposearch Search Git repos across multiple sites
Status A status page in Go
Twineo Alternative front-end to Twitch
Multiple Pendulum Animation CSS abuse part 3
LiteXiv A free frontend for Pixiv that is simple yet sufficient
Dumb Physics Engine A dumb physics engine written in JavaScript
Hex Color Clock Displays the time as a color
blank 2024 April Fools' Day puzzle


Apache Guacamole Clientless remote desktop gateway
Synapse Chat server for the Matrix network
Forgejo Self-hosted lightweight software forge
Mastodon Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community
JupyterHub Multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks
Cockpit Web interface for managing containers and virtual machines
Woodpecker A simple yet powerful CI/CD engine
Cinny Yet another Matrix client
Calibre-Web Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a Calibre database
CyberChef The Cyber Swiss Army Knife
Navidrome Modern music server and streamer
Redlib Private front-end for Reddit
Priviblur A privacy-focused frontend to Tumblr
Memos A privacy-first, lightweight note-taking service
YT Local Browser-based client for watching YouTube anonymously without forcing Javascript
Umami A simple, fast, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics
Soju A user-friendly IRC bouncer
Stirling PDF Locally hosted web-based PDF manipulation tool