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exodesk exodesk: Access your exozyme desktop from anywhere, powered by xrdp and Apache Guacamole, or use any RDP client

exocloud exocloud: Powerful collaboration and productivity suite, powered by Nextcloud

exochat exochat: Chat with your friends on Matrix and other networks, powered by Synapse

exogit exogit: Host your programming projects and collaborate with others on our Forgejo

exocial exocial: Join Mastodon and explore the best community-owned social media network

exotube exotube: Upload, stream, and watch great videos on our PeerTube, a community-owned video platform

exohub exohub: Harness our computational power from your browser with JupyterHub and its integrated code-server editor

exoportal exoportal: Manage containers and virtual machines with the Cockpit web interface

exoci exoci: Unlimited Woodpecker continuous integration builds for all your exogit projects

exopages exopages: Easily host websites, with unlimited subdomains and custom domains, powered by nginx

Some cool websites hosted here: exofeeds, exoring, exozine

If you would like to use OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, Redis, UFW, Performance Co-Pilot, PHP-FPM, or Tomcat, just ask on Matrix.

Friends of exozyme

adawesome.tech: A homelab hosted by an exozyme member

laduecs.club: Computer Science && Ladue == ❤️

vern.cc: A non-commercial shared GNU/Linux system

bus-hit.me: A suite of various privacy-focused services, operated for learning purposes and for (possible) public enjoyment, hosted on a free Oracle Cloud instance

forgefriends.org: A forge federation project

batsense.net: Free software activist, forge federation developer, and self-hoster

ersei.net: A college student at Purdue and exozyme member