Quickstart Guide

Join us!

Need an exozyme account? Shoot us an email to join@exozy.me (optionally using GPG) and introduce yourself, explain what you plan to do with exozyme, what you would like your account's username and display name to be, and optionally include your SSH public key. You'll soon recieve a reply with your new account's temporary password.

Logging in

You can log into our server either using remote desktop or SSH if you emailed us your public key. For remote desktop, go to the exodesk web client (or any other RDP client). You should see a login screen, and type in your exozyme username and password. You'll be dropped into a desktop, which might take a few seconds to load.

In the bottom left corner you'll see the all-powerful application menu, which you can use to launch apps. You should change your password now using the passwd command. In your remote desktop, open the application menu and start the Konsole app, then type passwd to set a new password. You can install more apps using the Discover app store. Your remote desktop session will automatically be logged out after an hour of inactivity.


Check out our online programming environment, exohub. You can install command-line software with Nix or Distrobox.

Enter the Matrix

You can chat with your friends on Matrix and other networks using your exochat account. To start, go to the Element web client. (Since exochat is powered by Matrix, so you can also use any Matrix client, such as the exocloud integrated Matrix client.) Make sure you change your homeserver to exozy.me instead of matrix.org, and sign in with your exozyme username and password. Welcome to Matrix!


To get a taste of what you can do with exozyme, go out and explore! Just use your exozyme username and password to log in (don't click sign up). You can find more guides on our wiki.


Check out our frequently unasked questions or ask about it on Matrix to get help from the exozyme community.