First steps

Interested in exozyme? Join our Matrix space and come chat with our community! It's totally fine if you just want to hang out on Matrix, but you can also become an exozyme member which gives you an account on our server.

To be eligible for membership, you should be an active contributor to our community. To apply to become a member, send an email to root@this domain name (optionally using GPG) and introduce yourself, what you plan to use your account for, your desired username, display name, SSH public key, favorite algorithm, and the number of distinct cats that you see daily. We'll send you a reply after your account is approved.

Logging in

Once you have an account, try logging into our server using SSH. You'll be asked to set a new password for your account. You can install software with Flatpak, Nix, Distrobox. We also provide remote desktop and website hosting. If you want to run an extremely resource-intensive program, please let us know on Matrix first. Also, please don't torrent on exozyme.


You can find helpful guides on our wiki, or even better, please please please contribute to it! If you run into bugs or have suggestions, create a new issue on our issue tracker. If you have any questions, just ask on Matrix or email us. Have fun!