Frequently Unasked Questions

Why the name?

Uh... not for any particular reason. It's just a cool domain hack with the .me domain, and it contains everyone's favorite math variables x, y, and z! Note that our name is "exozyme", not "exozy". There's no official pronounciation, so pronouce it however you like.

I forgot my password!

Email us at and we'll get it reset.

How do I change my account details like my email address or command-line shell?

Log into exozyme and run the command moduser. Edit the file to update your account details, and hit Ctrl+Q to save and quit.

My remote desktop is glitching out!

Log in to exohub or SSH and run the command pkill -u $USER to kill all your processes. If that doesn't fix it, run pkill -9 -u $USER to force kill everything. Note that you'll lose all unsaved work.

What kind of data does exozyme collect?

We don't collect any more data than what Arch Linux does by default, such as your IP address. Your data is never saved to anywhere else except on the exozyme server and an offsite backup. If you decide to delete your account, we will delete all of your data from the server.

I need help with something!

Ask on Matrix. If you aren't able to do that, shoot us an email at (optionally using GPG).